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Heal your Body and Mind

Having trained with not one, but two different schools for breathwork, I have honed my skills and expertise in this powerful practice. Why two schools?  To be able to offer a variety of breathwork techniques to my clients. All are very powerful, and very different from each other but all with the same purpose in mind - to allow you to heal your body and mind, release any emotions and traumas and live a long and happy life.

Soma Breath has truly equipped me with the tools to guide others on their transformative journeys through breathwork with various modalities such as rhythmic breathing patterns, I went even deeper into a wide selection of conscious connected breathwork and bodywork techniques with Innercamp. But it doesn't stop there—I am also a trauma-informed specialist, ensuring that every client feels safe and supported as they embark on their breathwork journey.

Ewa Biela

My Mission 

My mission is simple yet profound—to empower you to become the best version of yourself through harnessing the power of your breath. Together, we will explore techniques that will enhance your daily life, leaving you both energized and relaxed simultaneously. Whether you're seeking stress relief, emotional healing, personal growth or simply looking to reap the health benefits of conscious breathing—I am here for you.

Ewa Biela

Optimize your Breath and Direct your Life-Force Energy

Having embarked on my own journey of self-discovery and healing, I have come to realize that we are capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to believe. Through our sessions together, you will learn how to optimize your breath and direct your life-force energy to influence your mind, body and emotions; we will work towards regulating your breathing patterns, healing from trauma, removing limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our full potential while manifesting the life you truly desire.

Based in London, UK (NW8), I offer both online and in-person 1:1 sessions tailored specifically to your needs. If preferred or more convenient for you, I am more than happy to host sessions at either your home or mine—creating an environment where comfort meets transformation.

I also run group events. See the Event section for updates.

Ewa Biela

Get ready to unlock your full potential as we breathe in the magic of life together! Let's embark on this incredible journey towards self-discovery—one breath at a time.

Ewa Biela

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a transformative practice that utilizes conscious and intentional breathing techniques to promote healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. It goes beyond our automatic, unconscious breath and taps into the power of our breath as a tool for profound change.

Through specific breathing patterns and exercises, Breathwork allows us to access deeper states of consciousness, release emotional blockages, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, improve focus and clarity, enhance creativity, and cultivate overall well-being.

While often associated with its effects on the spiritual and emotional aspects of our being, Breathwork also has significant impacts on our physical bodies. The way we breathe directly influences our physiological responses. By harnessing conscious breathing techniques during Breathwork sessions or practices individually tailored to your needs—you can positively impact various aspects of your physical well-being.

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This holistic practice recognizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. By engaging in Breathwork sessions or incorporating conscious breathing into your daily routine—you can reduce stress levels; improve respiratory function; boost energy levels; support immune function; release emotional tension stored in muscles or tissues—and cultivate a deeper sense of well-being in all aspects of your life.

Breathwork is an inclusive practice that can be adapted to suit individual needs. It offers a safe space for exploration where you can tap into your inner wisdom and connect with your authentic self.

So take a deep breath—embark on this transformative journey where breath becomes an ally in nurturing both your physical health alongside spiritual growth.

Ewa Biela
Ewa Biela

Who is breathwork for?

Anyone and everyone especially individuals who are seeking holistic approaches to managing stress, improving mental and physical well-being, and enhancing personal growth.

High-stress professionals: Executives, entrepreneurs, or individuals in demanding careers who experience high levels of stress and are looking for effective techniques to manage it.

Creative professionals who seek to tap into their creativity on a deeper level or overcome creative blocks may find breathwork beneficial in accessing new insights and inspiration.

Mindfulness and Spiritual Seekers: Individuals interested in mindfulness practices may find breathwork an excellent complement to their existing mindfulness routines. Those on a spiritual journey looking to deepen their connection with themselves or explore altered states of consciousness.

Individuals recovering from trauma or those with anxiety or panic disorders: Breathwork can be beneficial for those dealing with anxiety or panic disorders as it helps regulate the nervous system and promote relaxation. It can also support trauma healing by releasing stored emotions in the body and promoting a sense of safety and grounding.

What to expect during the session

In this transformative journey, we will explore the power of conscious breathing as a pathway to self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. Through the practice of conscious connected breathwork, we will tap into the profound wisdom of our own breath and unlock its potential for deep transformation.

Breathwork is an ancient practice that has been used across cultures and traditions for centuries. It involves consciously directing our breath in a specific pattern to access altered states of consciousness and facilitate emotional release, physical relaxation, and spiritual connection. By engaging in this intentional breathing technique, we can create a safe space within ourselves to explore our inner landscape with curiosity and compassion.

The initial session begins with a short consultation followed by a breath analysis. The client will be observed on how he/she is currently breathing and asked questions. After this, I will guide the client through a breathing session and give them tools for self-practice. 
During the session, you will be guided through various breathing exercises designed to help you connect with your breath on a deeper level. We will focus on cultivating awareness of each inhale and exhale as it flows through your body, allowing it to become a powerful tool for self-exploration.

Ewa Biela
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Through conscious connected breathwork, you may experience a range of sensations such as tingling or warmth in your body, emotional releases like laughter or tears, or shifts in perception. These experiences are unique to each individual and serve as gateways for personal insights and healing.

The sessions usually have the following elements: variety of breathwork, body and brain activation exercises, guided meditation, visualisations, aromatherapy, music, bodywork, relaxation exercises, and chanting. In general, breathwork, rhythmic breathing is beneficial for everyone, however, breath holds, and deep conscious connected journeys have contraindications - A health questionnaire will be provided ahead of the session.

My intention is to create a supportive environment where you can feel safe expressing yourself authentically without judgment. You are encouraged to honour your own pace during the session while remaining open-minded about what may arise within you.

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